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Customer proposal even more professional in EasySolar app

EasySolar knows how important is the customer experience during solar sales process, especially when getting acquainted with photovoltaic project data.

That’s why we created the most  attractive customer proposal  structure and easy tools to generate it.

Manage customer experience 

Clear structure of data presentation helps your customers to understand PV design, calculations and graphs, engaging them in presented project and giving them a seamless experience.

The app makes it possible to create solar documentation faster and to increase its win rate.

Each company can prepare a competetive offer with own logo, customized company preferences and own prices. What’s more with one click, personalized customer proposal can be generated in 4 languages.

Increase your sales even by 30% 

– you start your project in the field with your customer on your smartphone: download on AppStore or GooglePlay

– you polish it in the office using web app

– you can make use of over 50,000 modules and 5,000 inverters

– you can design on Google Maps, Image or Sketch

– the app calculates cash flow with any support mechanism or loan parameters

– you obtain ready proposal structure with 14 chapters

– projects can be saved, modified or shared with others

Customer Proposal Preview

Check Customer Proposal in the app

Flexible design with no limits

Great customer proposal is not the only feature of EasySolar app. Every project is different and requires individually chosen design method. EasySolar makes it possible to design in 3 different ways:

on Google Maps

 on your own photo or Google StreetView

on simple sketch

Mobile app  gives access to such tools as azimuth and rooftop  measurement, solar radiation database and shading simulaion tool. Together, with web app it offers endless possibilities.

EasySolar app enables generation of unlimited number of projects and customer proposals within subscription plan. The plan can be changed at any time and adjust to company’s needs to manage projects even better. What’s more, the payment is based on comfortable contract-free subscription plan. The price of 2-users subscription plan starts from 20 euros monthly.

Join our free webinars 

If you want to learn how to create beautiful customer proposals join our free webinars: every Tuesday at 10 AM or 6 PM GMT+1 or simply have a look at user manual.

Get EasySolar app for just 1 euro or get warranty

We are sure that EasySolar app will surpass your expectations. Not sure if EasySolar is right for you? Now you have opportunity to get it almost completly for free. Every user joining our webinar will get 1-month subscription plan for just 1 euro. Thanks to that, you will be able not only to learn how to create fast professional customer proposals, but also to create it yourself on your computer or mobile devices.

You can also try EasySolar with 3-month refund guarantee. Simply, choose best subscription plan for yourself. Generate at least 8 correct customer proposals. You will be given full access to technical support. If the app is not for you after 3 months, you will receive all the money you paid for subscription for these 3 months.