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Solar design tool

Nowadays almost all our tasks are supported by computer software. Luckily while you create customer proposals for your clients you can be supported by specialistic solar design tools especially by EasySolar app.  Our app is very useful solar design tool to generate precise financial analysis and design PV areas. What is more, it’s simplicity will let you to save a lot of time. Whole process of generating customer proposals in EasySolar app is divided into few simple steps. Today we will show you how to create simply customer proposal with our EasySolar app.

How to start a new project

The first thing that we have to include in our customer proposal is new PV area where we’re going to place our photovoltaic panels.

In our application we can base our project on three different kinds of visualisation:

-image of a building that we upload from our hard drive,
-Google Maps,
-simple sketch.

Adding components

Next step in process of generating customer proposal is matching specific components. Users of EasySolar app can use in this step hundreds of components included in our database of products or add their own components. To add your own product to your database you can include information about its dimensions, nominal power etc.

Simple visualization based on data that we included earlier will let our solar design tool to generate attractive visualization of photovoltaic generator that we can present to our client. That will help our client to imagine how PV panels will look and work on their roof or parcel.

Financial analysis

Next step of this process is creating financial analysis. In this step we must place into our app information about:

1) support system that we want to propose to our clients,
2) values of monthly or annual consumption,
3) price of electricity fed into the grid,
4) costs of components and total cost of our installation.

Last step of preparing customer proposal is setting up location of our installation.
Precise information about location of our PV modules is necessary to calculate by our software predicted values of annual production of electricity. Now we have all data that we need to generate our customer proposal in PDF file.

In our proposal we won’t find only information about financial and technical aspects of our PV generator but also presentation of environmental aspects of our investment.

Professional graphs, visualization of our PV area and precise calculations guarantee that we will be able to fast and easy increase your sales. Sometimes the most important part of our customer proposal aren’t numbers but the way how you present them to your client.

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