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Solar panel calculator for business

Modern businessmen in opposition to households are usually more optimistic while it comes to green investments.
For many of them investments in renewable sources of energy are not only cost savings but also have prestigious and marketing value. Many final customers prefer to choose companies that protect environment.
Unfortunately scale of PV investment is too big to focus only on environmental benefits. Because of that, we always need to check cost-effectiveness of our PV project and prepare individual financial analysis. It’s very difficult process and because of that you should always support your work with specialist software like EasySolar app. It will give you possibility to create simple project of PV system and profitability analysis.
Most important elements of such an analysis are:

1. Avoided CO2 emission

This is one of the basic value that you can use to assess how much profitable will be your PV system for environment.

Of course this specific value says nothing to average investor. Because of that our engineers create algorithms that can convert avoided CO2 for example into saved trees or gallons of fuel.

This conversion will help your investors to realize how much good the PV can provide to environment.

What is more it is also very important marketing tool. More and more final customers want to buy products that come from environmental-friendly companies.

2. Costs

Unfortunately ecological side is not everything. PV systems are still very expensive so we need to predict how much we can save thanks to them. Tools, that we included in EasySolar app, give you opportunity to create presentation of all costs what make easier to explain them to your clients.

3. Auto-consumption

Most small PV systems are designed to supply investor’s needs. Because of that, without proper support system households have a problem with synchronizing curve of electricity demand with energy production curve. This problem doesn’t appear in case of enterprises because most of them have daily demand peak while there is the biggest daily production of electricity from the PV system.

4. Support system

To improve cost efficiency of green technologies governments of many countries offer support systems. Thanks to our app you can easily compare each support mechanism and choose which one will fit to your needs.

5. Loan

Green energy is still very expensive. Because of that it is necessary to take out a loan. Like support mechanisms, also loans can be compared in our app.

6. Cost structure

For many investors, PV system is only a bunch of PV panels on a roof. Because of that it is good to show them how complicated and hi-tech the PV systems are.
You can do this by using analysis created with EasySolar tools. They will provide you not only necessary calculations but also attractive visualization.

7. Cumulative cash flow

Due to unpredictability of the climate it is very hard to make precise predictions of incomes from PV systems. However thanks to advanced algorithms and experience of our engineers we create tools to create very realistic cumulative cash flow for first 25 years of PV system’s work. That gives you possibility to show your customers how much money they can earn with photovoltaic and estimate payback time. It is a critical data, especially for small companies that want to buy PV systems not to save environment but money.

Like you can see when it comes to PV systems for photovoltaic there is plenty of data to analyze. Thankfully because of passion and innovations of our engineers this process is much easier and you can prepare precise financial analysis in just few minutes.
If you are looking for solar panel calculator for business, please check our EasySolar app today! We can guarantee you that it will save your time and improve your sales!!!