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Sunpower : Solar thermal collectors vs PV systems

For now we have two main renewable technologies that we can set on our roofs : PV systems and solar thermal collectors.

Both of them can produce energy for residential purposes and repair our home budget. However in most cases photovoltaic panels will give us more benefits like:

1. Versatility

PV systems instead solar thermal collectors produce electrical energy which you can use in much more ways then thermal energy from solar thermal collectors. Thanks to PV you can power your electrical devices, lights or even produce heat.

2. Seling energy

Modern support mechanisms like fit-in-tariff system or net-metering give you opportunity to sale all energy that you don’t need at the time.

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3. Fail-safety

Lack of mechanical parts and liquids in PV systems guaranty us that we won’t have so many repairs as in case of solar thermal collectors. What is more, most of diagnostics we will be able to do remotely thanks to connection with our inverter via Internet.

4. Cost-efficiency

All those advantages of PV systems make them much more cost-efficient then solar thermal collectors and we should have no problems with convincing our customers that investing in production of electricity from the Sun is much better idea. All you need is some knowledge about both technologies and proper customer proposal.

To prepar such ideal customer proposal, please log in to our app and create customer proposals that include:

-visualization of your PV system based on Google Maps, photo or your own sketch,

-forecast of energy production and incomes for next 25 year,

-financial analysis,

-graphs and diagrams,

-costs of PV system.

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