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Solar panels for home

Solar panels for home are getting more and more popular. Probably in next few years they will become one of the most popular renewable source of energy. One of the main feature of those systems is a possibility to install them also on roofs of our homes. If you own a company that want to dominate local market of household PV systems you should remember about:

1. Proper presentation of your products

Customer proposal with many graphs and proper financial analysis will give you opportunity to increase efficiency of your product presentation.

2. Good contact with your client while selling solar panels for home

While selling solar panels for home you should remember to focus on contact with you future clients. Never forget about calling back or checking your email. There is too large competition that will easily steal your client.

3. Fanpage and website

Nowadays they are two main channels of communication. If you forget about them you can also forget about increasing sales.

4. Professional salesmen

Good looking salesmen with proper knowledge will be able to sell everything for you and is one of the most important member of your company. What is more you should equip him with proper tools like for example tablet and EasySolar mobile app.

Those are just few tricks that you can use to improve your income. If you want learn more about PV business please check our other articles about creating PR campaign in solar business and how to choose PV panels.