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Solar panels for home – learn how site visit should look like

In most cases during such meeting investor will meet you for the first time and will try to test all your skills and compare you to your competitors. What is more, it is also the best moment to test economical efficiency of such investment. During the meeting we must listen to him closely and be prepared to adjust our offer to his needs.

Always be prepared for the meeting

Remember, you can collect all necessary information about building of your customer and electricity bills even before the meeting.
If your client don’t want to share such data with you, tell him that this is necessary to create audit and personal customer proposal.

Solar panels for home – test and researches

Tests and researches should include:
-roof dimensions
-technical condition of the roof
-roof angle and azimuth
-shading risk (caused by trees, dormers or chimneys)
-condition of electrical wiring
Many of those tests you can do thanks to EasySolar app.

Key question: how PV systems will look on the roof

You don’t realize how important is professional visualization of PV system on the roof. Best way to do such visualization is to based it on the photo.
You can easily create such visualization thanks to EasySolar app even on your smart phone and show your client many different settings.
Financial analysis and presentation of your products
Good presentation of your data is very important and should include:
-size of PV system (power, necessary area),
-comparison of electricity production to needs of your customer
-total cost of PV system
-delivery time
-payback time including support mechanism, credits and subsidies
-description of realization process and administrative procedures

You can present all that data in professional and clear way in customer proposals created in EasySolar app!!!