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Solar panels cost not so important?

Due to that more and more installers switch their high-quality components to cheap low-end products hoping that lower solar panel costs will increase their sales.
Unfortunately, such strategy can give us more problems then profits. It is true that solar panel cost is a key factor but there are few other that are also very important.


PV systems that you are going to sell must work at least 25 years without any major repairs. This is what your client expects and this is what you must provide! Any time-consuming renovation will not only awkward for your customer but also will make payback time even longer.

Reputation is a key to success

High failure frequency will also decrease your reputation. Today even one unhappy client is able to destroy your whole advertising campaign, especially on social media.

If you want to check by yourself difference between low-end and high-end components test our PV design app !

Poor man cannot effort cheap products

Always remember that price of high-end components will give you in return satisfied clients and lower costs of repairs. Photovoltaic systems in most countries are still premium products.
Remember about this not only when you communicate with them but also when you are choosing components.

User-friendly systems

Additional features of your PV systems are also very important. One of such features is for example monitoring system. It is not so important part of PV system but thanks to it you or your client can predict malfunctions of your system.

Like you can see price of PV systems is very important but it is not everything. Lowering the price will almost always give more harm then benefits.

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