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solar inverter – how to pick it right

Solar panels are not the only important part of PV system that guarantee efficient work during whole lifetime of your PV system. Another very important element of PV system is solar inverter. Thanks to it we can change direct current from our PV panels into alternating current and fit current to requirements of the grid.

Choosing right nominal power

It is one of the first parameter that we should consider during picking solar inverters. Nominal power of our PV system should be strictly correlate with power of PV panels but not always it should be the same. For example in central european conditions you should always choose solar inverters with nominal power equal to 96-98% power of PV panels. It is caused by low irradiation level and because of it PV panels in this regions will almost never work with their nominal power. Before you choose your inverter always estimate irradiation in your location, if it is low choose smaller inverter. Choosing larger inverter then you need can not only affect our work but also needlessly rise cost of your PV system.

Number of MPPT and inputs

Number of imputs and maximal power point trackers are very important characteristics of solar inverters. Remember that each PV area with different angle and azimuth should always be connected to different MPPT.


Last important feature of solar inverters that you should check is used technology. It is important for example in case of thin film inverters which requires transformers with galvanic isolation

Like you can see making a good choice is not so easy and you need to check many different features of solar inverter. Always think twice before you choose because efficiency of your PV system also depends on this device. If you want to check which inverter will be the best for your PV system, please check our EasySolar app today!