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Solar energy facts

Nowadays, our developing  civilization uses more and more energy. Since the Earth is running out of fossil fuels, people are forced to look for alternative sources of energy. One of those is solar energy. In this article we would like to point some of the most important and the most interesting   solar energy facts.


Everybody knows that the Sun is the source of solar energy but what is more, it is also fontal source of wind power and hydropower! Sunlight warms up the Earth’s surface but it does it unequally depending on kind of surface. It causes different air pressure and as the result airflow which we calls wind. Sunlight  is also the reason of water evaporation. Then the water condenses and power rivers as a rain. Even fossil fuels as coal or crude oil were created due to the Sun. It is because they originate from ancient fossilized organic materials (animals and plants) which during their lives built their structures directly or indirectly  due to photosynthesis.




Solar energy comes from nuclear fusion which is about combination hydrogen and deuterium into helium. This reaction releases huge amount of energy. At upper layer of atmosphere there is delivered about 1367 W/m2 and  at the Earth’s surface it is about 1100 W/m2 for intertropical areas and 800 W/m2 for middle latitudes. It is said that covering 0,3% of Sahara’s surface by a solar panels could  supply whole energy consumption in Europe.




People use solar energy mostly for heating water or air in solar thermal collectors and for producing electricity in photovoltaic panels.  In the past photovoltaic was used only for expensive space industry but now it is available to everybody. Photovoltaic is quite young technology and it is improving every year. For example advanced solution like BIPV or flexible solar panels are more and more popular. Also designing solar systems is developing and nowadays to satisfied clients it should use new technologies and tools. If you want to work on the most sophisticated solar app check EasySolar.




There is a concept of collecting solar power in space by using satellite power system and sending energy to the Earth by microwaves. This solution is manageable  for engineers but it would cost too much money right now. But in the future – who knows? There is also a concept of creating PV solar system on the Moon, but  it also costs too much for now.




We presented only a few of solar energy facts but they show that solar has huge impact on us and what is more, it has great potential. So we believe that it is developing worthy as the solar energy is the future.