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Solar energy a way to save water

When WHO in their report pointed 50 of the most polluted by smog cities in Europe, people from all over the continent started to think how to solve this problem. One of the answers can be photovoltaic. Especially that clean air without toxic gases isn’t the only reason why we should use green energy.

Have you ever wondered how using solar systems can save vast amounts of WATER?

Of the huge importance of water for the existence of our planet and our lives we are all aware. 70% of Earth is covered by water, our bodies also consist mainly of this life-giving element, and without it we can survive only for few days. Moreover, water is used to produce clothes that we wear, cars that we drive and also energy that power our houses.

How solar energy contributes not only to the purity of the air we breathe, but also to protect the water, so essential in our lives? According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) researches, to produce a unit of electricity by solar system we use 1/200th of water that would be used by a conventional power station.

More about the fact that solar energy is not only clean air but also a huge savings of water you can read on the SolarCity blog.