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The United Kingdom for the first time in 135years without coal energy

Last Friday, 21 April, National Grid has informed that, The United Kingdom, for the first time since the industrial revolution has not used coal energy for 24hours. On Tuesday, for the first time since the use of fossil fuels began, the only remaining power plant on the islands – West Burton 1, was shut down for full 24 hours. During that time, about 50% of the energy came from the gas power stations, about 21% from nuclear power stations and the other sources of energy were renewable energy sources and energy imports (8,3%) through interconnections. This wasn’t the first time that coal power plant has been switched off on the islands. The current record was 19h and was reached in May 2016.

United Kingdom, when in 1882 Thomas Edison opened The Holborn Viaduct, became the first country in the world with coal power as an energy source and soon it will become a country completely free from black energy. Data show that in 2016 fossil fuels was only 9% of total energy.

Moreover, in 2015, not only the last coal mine on the islands – Kellingley Colliery was closed, but it was also announced that the last power plant will be completely switched off as early as 2025 and the coal energy will be eliminated from energy source in Great Britain.

No so long ago, a day when coal plants would not work was quite unimaginable. Only in 2012, 40% of total energy in Great Britain came from coal power. Last year 24% came from renewable energy sources. Who knows, maybe soon coal power plants will become only a memory and the era of clean, green energy will begin.