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Window blinds that shade your house and genereate clen energy from the sun

With the benefits of having a photovoltaic system on owns roof everyone is aware. But what to do if we can’t afford to own a solar power plant on the roof? Solar Gaps found a solution for everyone, who would like to use clean energy from the sun without having a surface for solar system. What would you say for a window blinds that generate electric energy? Controlled by a mobile app, easy to install thanks to plug&play technology, window blinds with built-in solar panel can reduce energy bills by as much as 70%. One solar blind on a 1m2 window can generate up to 100W-150W, which is enough to power 30 LED bulbs or charge 3 MacBooks. Moreover energy produced by giving us shade at the same time window blinds, can be stored in a battery and use at any time during the day or night, or can be sold to electricity company. Thanks to innovative solution proposed by Solar Gaps, everyone can use pure energy from the sun, in our houses or office, and contribute to the purity of our planet.