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By-pass diodes

While sharing your knowledge about solar technology, you can mention by-pass diodes help in keeping PV energy output efficient.

By-pass diodes function

Modules are equipped with by-pass diodes to provide safety and to improve the overall system performance.

They prevent the operating voltage of the module from getting too low if module is partially shaded.

Solar cells in a module are connected in series and a shaded cell is not able to pass as much current or voltage as unshaded cell.

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This can cause the voltage to go negative and the power to drop. When the power output of a module drops, it pulls the rest of modules in the string down as well.

The inverter will begin to reduce power output, and eventually the string voltage may drop out of the inverter’s operating window.

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With by-pass diodes it is different. If there is any shadowing, the diode that is connected in parallel produces much smaller voltage drop so that electricity would flow through the diode “by-passing” solar calles covered with shadow.

This will eliminate their influence on the rest of the string.
Without this protection, in worst conditions solar cells could be overheated and cause fire.

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