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Pitched roof PV project with EasySolar app. SEE VIDEO

Pitched roof PV project with EasySolar app

PV design for pitched roofs is different than for flat roofs. Firstly, we have significantly less mounting elements and modules are installed closer to each other. What’s more, modules are installed on roof plane keeping the necessary distance for clamps and from roof edge as well as taking into account external (trees, poles) and roof obstacles (windows, chimneys.)

Pitched roof PV project – how to start?

See how to design PV system on pitched roof using EasySolar app and how to prepare a quick 3-D visualisation:


How to adjust PV system?

The total PV power that will be installed on a sloped roof will depend primarly on module parameters (unit power, dimensions) as well as a shadow tolerance.

Frequently, the systems offered in residential sector have to be adapted to existing conditions to avoid additional costs. Not all roofs are facing due South – small deviation from this direction or making a good use of East-facing roof can be also a favourable solution. What’s interesting the typical rooftop angles (although they depend on the region and country), are close to the optimum ones for photovoltaic modules.

Remember, that in EasySolar app the choice of azimuth and inclination refers to the final module position. It means that in case of pitched roofs, you need to insert the value of the roof angle unless you are planning to use some special mounting solutions.

To check different scenarios of energy production of designed system try EasySolar app: app.easysolar.co

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