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How to create project in just few minutes?

Salesmen of PV systems are very often forced to spend most of their time on creating customer proposals. Because of many questions they need to create many individual customer proposals and projects of PV systems

Time is money

What is more, because of long payback time many investors resign after they get financial analysis. This cause that most of your project end up in trashcan and time that you spend you is completely wasted. Those loses are often underrated and it is good to mention that time that we spend on creating new project we can use to get more clients what of course will increase our sales.

Create PV project in just few minutes

Analysis prepared by our experts said that average time average traditional process of preparing PV projects take from 1 to even 4 hours of work.
Due to that problem of PV business, EasySolar create innovative tool that gives you possibility to create detailed customer proposals even in just few minutes

Mobile designing

With new features of EasySolar app you can create PV project is even more intuitive and faster than before! Thanks to our solutions you will be able not only to present all aspects of your PV project to your clients but also create new project with them by using our mobile app which is able on all Android and iOS devices.

Many possibilities

With our revolutionary tools you will be able to:

-create PV projects based on photo, Google Maps and Google StreetView,

-check shading,

-measure azimuth and angle of your PV panels

-check localization and annual irradiation level

Easy to learn and handy interface that is accessible from many different devices combined with many methods of creating PV project makes EasySolar app one of the best PV software on the World.

If you want to personally check how much you can earn thanks to our tools test them today and create your own PV projects and customer proposals!!!