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Renewable energy sources versus PV systems

Today we can produce renewable energy thanks to many different technologies.
All of them have their pros and cons and today we will try compare most popular solutions with photovoltaic.
In our opinion this is one of the most promising technology and in the near future it will outclass other solutions

For now besides photovoltaic we have:

1. Solar heat power plants

This technology is quite similar to PV solution. Like PV it uses direct solar radiation but in difference to photovoltaics it converts that energy into heat. System of mirrors focused solar energy to heat pipes filled with water which we can next use to power Stirling engines to produce  electricity. Unfortunately, in opposition to PV systems this technology cannot be used in small systems and because of systems of mirrors can endanger planes and nearby birds.

2. Wind turbines

They are one of the most popular sources of renewable energy on the planet. Because of effect of the scale more of them produce energy with power above 1 megawatt. What is more, they can be used also in household solutions. Nevertheless in opposition to PV panels, in most cases they cannot be directly on homes. To achieve best efficiency of such solutions install them we must install them away from buildings or other obstacles.

3. Biogas plants

In the past, especially in central Europe it was sad that they are future of Renewable sources of energy. Now, more and more countries abandon that idea and choose other less complicated like solar panels or incinerators.

4. Hydroelectric power plants

It is one of the oldest way of producing electricity. In opposition to other sources of renewable Energy they produce electricity on the stable level that doesn’t depends on weather conditions.
What is more technologies like pumped-storage hydroelectricity can cooperate perfectly with other unstable sources of energy like PV or wind turbines.

If you want to learn more about other methods of storage electricity from PV check our previous article.

Those devicies can use overproduction of energy during day to pump water uphill and then at night they can use the same water to produce electricity.
Unfortunetly to develop hydroelectric technologies we need not only proper lay of the land but also a lot of funds. What is more those devices integrate into local environment very much.

Like you can see all technologies have pros and cons. Today it is very hard to decide which technology is the most efficient. Many depends on local law regulations, climate, lay of the land and chances to storage produced energy.

Nevertheless, we need to highlight that compared to other mentioned renewables sources of energy photovoltaics has the lowest environmental impact, what combined with decreasing prices of PV modules can cause that it will be in the future the most popular source of energy.

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