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Home solar panels – sell them using mobile technology

Sales in the past

In the past there was no email, mobile marketing or smartphones. This was not helping companies with their operations efficiency since they relied on recommendations, direct contact with customer, or telemarketing. For sure, it was the most difficult time for local company to turn into a global one.

With increase of computer use, solar professionals started to create their designs in CAD programs, to make calculations in spreadsheets and sometimes, a homegrown code was developed to improve the productivity. The combination of all these programs was professional but inefficient for initial stage of the project since there was no guarantee of conversion.

CRM era

Strong demand of efficient tools on the market caused software developers to create CRM for solar industry. It helped solar professionals to organize their data and start its management. But something was missing.

There appeared a need for a software to combine both design and sales tools with project management features- in other words, the whole package. EasySolar is one of the first cloud-based online platform for solar projects of this kind.

However, sales reps spend over 50% of their working day on site visits and the data that can be accessed only from the computer, became useless for them when they were are back in the field. EasySolar understood that there is absolutely no need for solar design and proposal generation to be centered only in the office.

Mobility changes it all

Everything has changed again with the smartphones era. Sales representatives can create a module layout directly on the rooftop picture captured during the site visit. Any modification can be applied right away, presenting different scenarios stimulating customer’s engagement in the process. The use of GPS function would make it possible to check solar radiation data for this particular location. Gyroscope and compass present in mobile devices facilitate rooftop inclination and orientation measurements. At the end, all data will be saved in the cloud and all projects would become accessible both from mobile device and from a multifunctional online platform to be polished and managed afterwards.

EasySolar is the first company who decided to take this huge step forward giving their user both professional online platform for the office and a fully functional app for the field. The software has already turned out to be very interesting for solar businesses. They quickly decided to turn towards mobility and received brand new sales opportunities.