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Solar panels cost when you mount them by yourself

PV system is modern technology which is mostly very popular among tech enthusiasts that sometimes want to build them by themselves. In most cases they call you just to buy without installation services to lower solar panels cost. Unfortunately because of lack of their experience they can make many mistakes that could cause system malfunction.

Smaller system is smaller efficiency

Homebred solar designers often star with small one panel systems to try this technology. Such systems are much less efficient which could discourage them to have larger systems in the future.

Time is precious

Building solar systems for the first time is very time consuming. This is why it is better to use experience and skills of professional team rather to develop your own

Long lifetime is more important then solar panels cost

Photovoltaic system is not something that you will use for one or two years. It is a system that should provide you energy for next 25 years. Because of that any mistake that you make at the begging will influence on efficiency of your PV system for many years.

Of course this are just few examples why not try to build PV systems by yourself. Try to show them to your customers and you will able to posses them even if you will offer higher cost.

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