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Does an employee have to create a user account before being invited to the company?

The invitation for a new user is sent by the administrator / account owner after logging into EasySolar. The employee opens his account only after receiving the invitation. He has to use a special link to the website through which he will create a new account. Then he will be automatically added as an employee of our company.

Below is a screenshot of the message that the employee who received the invitation to the company will receive.
Number 1 – your’s company name; number 2 – button which employee should use to create new account.

After registering, the employee logging in to the account for the first time will receive an invitation to the company that must be confirmed. After this action, the user will be added as an employee of our company.

If an employee created an account earlier (before being invited), an employee must contact us by e-mail to change the company to which he is assigned in the system.