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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 3

Sell PV Installations Before Breakfast!

After the pandemic is over, 85% of consumers declare that they do not intend to reduce the frequency of e-shopping.

We live in a world in which real and online reality interact more and more coherently and mutually interpenetrate. The last year has made the Internet reality and the possibility of carrying out most of the activities online become more and more important.

``Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many companies accelerated the process of digital transformation, focusing on the development of online channels. In the last year, the group of consumers using the online form of shopping has significantly increased.
Importantly, almost 85% of consumers declare that even after the end of the pandemic, they do not intend to reduce the frequency of e-purchases. This will be a steady double-digit growth over the coming years.``

Today's Customer Prefers To Buy Via The Internet - A Challenge For The PV Industry!!

The modern customer's requirements to obtain the product quickly and as conveniently as possible (online sales), until recently, posed a great challenge for traders in the PV industry. The need to collect measurements and prepare a time-consuming project made it practically impossible to sell a PV system during an online meeting.

The solution to meet the needs of the rapidly developing world is the EasySolar app, which allows you to surprise the customer with a professional project at the first online meeting or a few minutes after the first phone call.

Online Sales Of A PV System In Practice!

How does the online sale of a PV system look like in practice during the first meeting?

We contact a potentially interested client, asking for a photo of the building with the dimensions of the roof and basic necessary data, or the exact address, in order to track the building on Google maps. Then, thanks to the PV system design on a photo or Google maps function available in EasySolar, in just a few minutes we can send the customer back the finished project, or make it during an online meeting, giving the customer the opportunity to see how the panels will look on the roof in reality and to introduce comments, if any.
If the client likes the project, all that's left is to discuss the details over the morning coffee during the first online meeting.

Conducting The First Meeting Online Accelerates The Selling Process Several Times!

High competitiveness on the PV market means that the time to deliver the finished project to the client is often a factor determining the client's choice of the contractor. Therefore, when choosing the right design program for you, you should focus on the possibility of preparing the project as quick as possible.

Thanks to focusing on the practical application of the above principles, the EasySolar program allows you to prepare an initial visualization during the first meeting with the client, or in a few minutes on the photo of the building sent by the client, if we conduct the first meeting online.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.