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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 12

Does The Appearance Matter? Features Of A Good Sales Offer!

A well-prepared offer, both visually and technically, is the company’s moast important label!

In the PV industry, the most important factor influencing the purchase decision and contractor selection is the offer that the trader will provide to the customer and the time in which it will be delivered. As we know, research proves that almost 80% of emotions in customers are caused by the sense of sight. It should be remembered and properly used when preparing the offer for the client, because the appearance of the offer has an inherent impact on the choice of the contractor.

Faced with enormous competition on the PV market, professional preparation of an offer alone is not enough. Most often it is the visual aspect that determines the selection of a specific offer from among the stack of files that a potential customer receives from various companies. The offer should be personalized in two respects, in terms of the client's needs and adapted to the branding of the contractor's company.
At the same time, it should be graphically designed to meet the high aesthetic requirements of a modern client.
The delivered documents must visually stand out from the others, because it is on their basis that the client forms his opinion about the company.

The Client Evaluates The Company And Its Professionalism On The Basis Of The Provided Offer. The Most Important Assessment Criterion Is Usually The Visual Assessment!

What features should a well-prepared offer for a photovoltaic system have in practice?

There are several most important aspects to bear in mind:

1. Attractive PV System Design!

Bearing in mind that customers buy with their eyes, it should be remembered that customers will want the appearance of the house after installing a PV system to be as attractive as before. Therefore, the client should be shown not only the design of the system itself, but also what it will look like in reality. By presenting the PV design made directly on the photo of the building, and not on the 3D block designed in the program, we will surprise the customer and give him the opportunity to take a close look at the PV installation and be sure that it will not disfigure the building. At the same time, it will distinguish the offer from other offers, in which the design will be prepared on a house drawn in the design program, resembling a house of blocks. A program in which a lot of attention was paid to creating a tool that gives the possibility of designing directly on the photo is EasySolar, in which in a few minutes you can design the PV system on a photo of the roof or on Google maps.

2. Simple and clear cost and ROI analysis!

Often trying to impress the client with a comprehensive financial analysis, it becomes a several dozen-page study from a spreadsheet. This can make the customer feel overwhelmed as customers are often not technically knowledgeable. Too many details given in the offer may discourage further viewing of such an offer. Therefore, you should focus on the most important benefits and present them in an attractive, simple and transparent way, e.g. with the help of colored charts. If the client wants to know more, he will certainly ask. So it is better to give him the impression that he is treated equally with a trader and not as someone needed to be educated.

3. Your offer is your company's label - the essence of personalized branding!

An attractive system design and clear graphs of financial analysis are still not all you need to remember when preparing a good offer. The offer must also be distinguished by its color and graphic adaptation to the company's branding. It should contain at least a logo, company colors, a footer with basic information not only about contact, but also about the investment and the client. Personalizing the offer for the company's branding causes the customers to perceive the company as more professional and providing higher-quality services, the so-called premium services. At the same time, the offer should be graphically designed to meet the high aesthetic requirements of a modern customer. Programs with ready-made offer templates can help in personalizing offers to the needs of brand visualization. The EasySolar program is a very advanced tool that allows you to generate a ready offer in a few minutes and to freely edit all elements of the offer and save your own template.

4. Be ahead of the competition!

The customer should not wait too long to receive a ready offer. The most advantageous time strategy for delivering a ready-made offer is to do so as soon as possible.

Your Offer Is A Label Of Style And Professionalism Of Your Company! The More Visually Refined It Is, The Higher Quality Of Services The Company Is Associated With!

Since one of the factors influencing the success of the sales process is the time of offer delivery, the salesperson is faced not only with the challenge of preparing an attractive offer, but also doing it as soon as possible.

In order to be able to work on time and professionally, it is very important to choose the right tools that will allow you to prepare an offer tailored to the needs of a modern customer and do it quickly.
Due to the importance of applying the above principles in everyday work, the EasySolar program was created.

1. Attractive PV System Design!

EasySolar has the function of designing photovoltaic systems directly on photos of buildings or on Google maps. This is the best possible way to present the customer with an attractive and outstanding PV system design. Additionally, it can be prepared in a few minutes.

2. Simple and clear cost and ROI analysis!

In the software, you have the option of generating a financial analysis attractive for the client, based on transparent charts, including return on investment.

3. Your offer is your company's label - the essence of personalized branding!

EasySolar has a ready offer template that can be adapted to the company's branding or individual customer needs. The ability to edit each of the offer elements, both in terms of text and color, adding a logo, footer and any personalization of it, is an advantage over other programs with a ready offer template. The EasySolar offer has been visually prepared by a team of graphic designers, thanks to which it is adapted to the high aesthetic requirements of a modern customer.

4. Be ahead of the competition!

Thanks to the complete synchronization of the design, calculation and quotation tools in EasySolar, individual components are loaded into the offer automatically from the project and financial analysis. In addition, the ability to create a personalized offer template in advance, allows you to save several hours needed to prepare each offer.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.