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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 1

Sell At The First Sight!

80% of emotions in customers are caused by the sense of sight!

Everyone who has tried to sell something at least once in their life has found out that customers buy with their eyes.
Research shows that almost 80% of emotions in customers are caused by the sense of sight. In the market of photovoltaic systems, this principle should be properly used in order to gain a competitive advantage and increase the chances of a positive closing of the sales process by up to 50%.

Visually Attractive PV System Design Increases Your Sales Opportunities By Up To 50%!

There are many design programs to choose from in the PV market today. Most often, these are solutions based on creating a building block from scratch and applying a system design to it. However, the preparation of such a design requires time and experience, and the design itself is often not visually attractive.

In order to increase the chances of selling the PV system, surprise the client with a professional design, giving him the opportunity to see how the PV panels will look like on the roof in reality. The program that offers the most attractive solution of this type is EasySolar, which has an advanced feature for designing PV systems in the photo in just a few minutes.

Time Is One Of The Most Important Selling Factors!

High competitiveness on the PV market means that the time to deliver the finished project to the client is often a factor determining the client's choice of the contractor. Therefore, when choosing the right design program for you, you should focus on the possibility of preparing the project as quick as possible. Carrying out several sales meetings a day, it is important to provide each of the potential customers with an individual project at a high level in the shortest possible time, preferably on the same day.

The EasySolar program allows you to prepare an initial visualization during the first meeting with the client, or in a few minutes from the photo of the building sent by the client, if we conduct the first interview online.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.