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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 7

“O Captain! My Captain!” – How To Motivate Employees!

Sales in the company can increase by several dozen percent if each of the traders increases their conversion rate by about 30%!

Knowing the best operating strategy for your company and the direct impact of various work factors of your team on the increase in the conversion rate, you can use this to motivate your salespeople to increase their efficiency.

A good business model is not enough. It is equally important to teach salespeople how to implement it in their daily work, i.e. what they should pay attention to, which sales factors are key in their activities and what they should avoid. Thanks to a correctly implemented and applied strategy in the company, sales can increase by up to several dozen percent!

Presenting Traders The Most Effective Selling Path For Them, Will Increase The Number Of Finalized Transactions Several Times!

Commission activities are the most common working model of a trader, and the higher the sales, the higher the commission. So it's no secret that sellers will also want as many finalized transactions as possible. Showing them an action strategy and key issues that they should pay particular attention to is one of the best ways to motivate them to increase efficiency.

In practice, we can give traders a precise recipe for increasing their conversion rate by telling them exactly which of their daily activities they should change or modify to translate into increased sales!

So how to motivate sales reps to achieve better and better sales results?

Show your employees what exactly affects their sales and its positive finalization!
Show traders the statistics and results of AI-based analysis on specific details of their work. Focus on details such as contact time, contact form or the method of delivering the offer.

Good Business Model Not Enough! Teach Your Employees How To Implement It In Their Daily Work!

Thanks to a deep analysis of the work of the entire team, which can be provided by the EasySolar system with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, you can guide your employees through the strengths and weaknesses of their sales model.

Based on the results of the AI analysis of your team's work, go with your salespeople through the following questions and, answering them, show employees the best strategy for the company!

1. When is the best time to call a customer?
2. When is it best to send an offer after the meeting?
3. How many days after sending the offer should he contact the client?
4. When is the best time for a sales meeting?
5. What is the final deadline for sending a ready offer?
6. What form of contact do customers prefer?
7. Should an offer be send by e-mail or present it in person?
8. What does the merchant's availability look like when customers have any questions or doubts?
9. Is the seller flexible in choosing the form of contact?
10. What should he focus on when presenting the offer?
11. Can he name the benefits and needs of clients?
12. Are his designs visually attractive?
13. Does it present the main benefits and return on investment to the client?
14. Does it focus on the most important data?

If each of the traders employed in the company, thanks to the application of the best business strategy for the company, increases their conversion rate by about 30%, then let's try to imagine how the company's total sales will increase with 10-20 sellers employed in the company!

To effectively present to your salespeople the direct impact of their individual activities on the increase or decrease in sales results, choose a program that will use implemented AI algorithms for data processing by collecting and analyzing data.

Therefore, the creators of EasySolar focused heavily on introducing very complex Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that constantly analyze the work of the entire team, along with all its variables.

Using the EasySolar system for in-depth analysis, you have at your disposal:

Extensive statistics that will help you have constant control over all variables and quickly react to changes in the work of your traders.

Artificial intelligence, which constantly analyzes the work of your team, determines, based on all factors and changes, the most common and most effective sales path in your company.

Remember about the changing world!

Check and test how changing a given factor in the sales process affects conversion rates. In practice, control when your salespeople should call customers, when to meet them and what is the deadline for sending an offer to achieve the effect of finalizing the sale.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.