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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 10

Show Me Your Home, And I’ll Show You Your Photovoltaic System!

What you will present to the client at the meeting is the basic factor influencing his choice of contractor!

One of the most important things to remember when starting a meeting with a client is the fact that the meeting itself does not mean that it will be successful.
Even if the client seems interested during the meeting, the likelihood of selecting a contractor is still slim. Clients usually have similar talks with several potential contractors and choose the final contractor from among the collected offers.

The most important decisive factor is the offer we deliver to the client and the time in which the client receives it. Research shows that almost 80% of emotions in customers are caused by the sense of sight. Therefore, this principle should be properly used when making decisions, which we will present to the client during the meeting.

80% of Emotions In Clients Is Caused By The Sense Of Sight!

The recipe for gaining a competitive advantage is a precise choice of what we will present to the client during the meeting with him. We have distinguished three main aspects thanks to which the chances of choosing our company as a contractor will increase significantly.

1. First of all, remember that customers buy with their eyes.

As a result, customers will want the appearance of the house after installing a PV system to be as attractive as before. Therefore, the client should be shown not only the design of the system itself, but also what it will look like in reality. By presenting the panel design made directly on the photo of the building, and not on the 3D block designed in the program, we will surprise the client and give him the opportunity to look closely at the PV installation and be sure that it will not disfigure the building. For this reason, EasySolar focuses heavily on the design function directly on the photo, so that in a few minutes you can design the system on a photo of the roof or on Google maps.

2. Customers want to feel comfortable when talking about benefits and financial analysis.

Often, a trader who wants to impress the client with extensive knowledge and thus prove his professionalism may make the client feel overwhelmed, or even treated as a less intelligent person. As customers often do not have technical knowledge, too many details provided by a company representative can be intimidating for them and make the conversation uncomfortable for them. Therefore, you should focus on the most important benefits and present them in a simple and transparent way, e.g. with the help of colored charts. If the client wants to know more, he will certainly ask. So it is better to give him the impression that he is treated as a trader and not as someone to be educated.

3. The customer should not wait too long to receive a ready offer.

The most advantageous time strategy for delivering a ready-made offer is to do so as soon as possible. Using the EasySolar program, the salesperson can deliver a finished project with financial analysis and offer less than an hour after the meeting, and even prepare it together with the client during the meeting, while involving him in the process of creating a PV system for him.

Present Most Important Benefits In An Attractive And Simple Way! Customers Don't Want Dozens Of Pages Of Detailed Financial Analysis!

So what is the practical way to attract a customer using the above rules?

First of all, choosing the right tools that will allow the salesperson to act quickly and give the customer what the customer expects.

EasySolar is a program that enables the application of the above principles in everyday work.

EasySolar has the function of designing photovoltaic systems directly on photos of buildings or on Google maps. This is the best possible way to show the customer what the system will actually look like when installed on the roof.
At the same time, EasySolar gives the opportunity to generate an attractive financial analysis for the client, based on transparent charts, including return on investment.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.