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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 6

Take Care Of The Foundation – Create a Good Business Model!

A well-prepared and implemented business model increases conversion by up to 30%!

In the previous lesson, we paid attention to the important aspects of creating an individual sales strategy for a company, with the help of AI-based systems (such as EasySolar), which, by constantly analyzing the work of the entire team and all variable factors, will create the most optimal and highest conversion rate on this basis.

Let's try to imagine how big the total increase in sales will be when the company employs 10 traders and each of them uses a correctly prepared and tested business model that allows you to increase the number of positively completed transactions for one seller by up to 30%!

Preparation of a business model that works individually for each company, which practically sells for us, would seem time-consuming and complicated. However, thanks to the use of the EasySolar program with built-in advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in everyday work, it is a matter of asking yourself a few key questions and, based on the AI analysis of our company's activities, finding answers to them.

Changing One Or More Small Factors In The Trading Process May Cause A Rapid Sales Growth!

What questions should be answered in order to create the perfect business model for our company?

There are many factors affecting the positive closing of the sale. They often change as a result of cultural and social changes taking place in the world around us.
However, we can distinguish several issues that should be particularly taken into account when preparing a business model:

Time is the key selling factor.

Among other things, the speed with which we deliver the finished project to the client often influences the choice of our company as a contractor. Answer a few questions for yourself:
1. When is the best time to call a customer?
2. When is it best to send an offer after the meeting?
3. How many days after sending the offer should I contact the client?
4. When is the best time for a sales meeting?
5. What is the final deadline for sending the finished offer?

The choice of the form of contact (meeting, e-mail, telephone, teleconference, etc.) directly affects the acquisition of a potential customer.

Depending on the method of contact we choose, we will be perceived by our potential customers. The time of the pandemic and the rapid development of e-commerce have made customers more likely to prefer online contact instead of direct contact. Answer a few questions for yourself:
1. What form of contact do my clients prefer?
2. Should I send the offer by e-mail or present it in person?
3. What does my availability look like when the customer has any questions?
4. Am I flexible in choosing the form of contact?

Customers buy with their eyes! Therefore, the form in which we deliver the offer with the design and analysis is extremely important.

We often try to focus on a comprehensive and as accurate financial analysis as possible, while the client, not knowing the subject, feels overwhelmed by an excessive amount of information. Answer a few questions for yourself:
1. What to focus on when presenting the offer?
2. Is my project visually attractive?
3. Do I show the client the main benefits and ROI?
4. Am I focusing on the most important data?

Don't Be Afraid To Try! Check How Changing A Single Factor Affects Your Conversion Rate!!

How could you answer these questions and how do cultural and social changes affect them?

In order to find the answer to the above questions and on the basis of them, create a business model that is best for your company, you need an appropriate tool that will not only collect data, but also analyze it..
That is why EasySolar focused especially on the implementation of very extensive Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that effectively help in creating the best business strategy.

In your daily work, choose a program that has AI algorithms implemented, eg EasySolar.

Extensive statistics will help you have constant control over all variables and react quickly to changes.

Artificial intelligence, which constantly analyzes the work of your team, will determine the most common and effective sales path in your company.

Knowing the ideal sales model, motivate your team to achieve better results, e.g. by contacting the customer two days after sending the offer or by offering smaller discounts, because you know exactly how individual actions affect the customer's decisions.

Remember about the changing world!

Check and test how changing a given factor in the sales process affects conversion rates. In practice, control when your salespeople should call customers, when to meet them and what is the deadline for sending an offer to achieve the effect of finalizing the sale.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.